Cast Iron Grate for Weber Go-Anywhere *2 pieces*

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Two-piece grill grate for Weber Go Anywhere cast iron coal grill For lovers of beautiful steak markings, this grate is almost mandatory. It fits Weber Go Anywhere charcoal grill. This grill grate earned the 2008 Innovation Award at Spoga in the barbecue accessories section for good reason.

Grill Grate Data:

  • Two-piece cast iron grate
  • heavy cast iron grate approx. 5,0 kg
  • Pre-treated cast iron grate, heat up and go
  • The dimensions of the grate are designed to fit in the Weber Go Anywhere
  • measured size one element approx. 203 x 257 mm results in a total grill area approx. 406 x 257 mm

Tips and tricks with the handling of the cast iron grill grate:

The grate is pre-treated with vegetable oil from the factory and burned in, please remove excess oil with a kitchen towel. Now let the remaining oil burn in until it stops smoking. Now you can start grilling immediately. After grilling, burn out the grate and rub it with some vegetable oil, then a robust patina will form over time, which prevents the food from burning. Now oil the grate lightly before each grilling and you will enjoy your cast iron grate for a long time. For cleaning: with the lid closed at the highest temperature, allow residues to burn off and brush off with a brass brush. Never put it in the dishwasher! For re-burning, it is best to use rapeseed or peanut oil. Please store the grate in dry rooms.

Always remember to wear gloves when handling hot cast iron, your skin will thank you. Attention risk of breakage - Never drop the grill grates on a hard surface.

Scope of delivery:

2x cast iron grate