ZIFA Grills Mangal2GO

The Mangal2GO is a multifunctional grill device. Not only the so-called Russian skewers can be grilled with it. Vegetables, fruit, sausages, cevapcici or even chicken pieces can be grilled and prepared with it. If the holder is turned around, another three skewer mountings are available. These have a wider spacing. This means that you can also grill fish on a stick, potatoes, etc. here. Cut open a Hot Dog bun and hang it over a skewer to toast.
The Mangal2GO has the same V-spit mounts on all 4 sides. Therefore, an optimal installation position on the grill can be achieved without it falling through the grate. So the skewers can always be easily turned from the front.
All Mangal2GO have additional slots. These serve as a holder for the optionally available accessories:
  • FlyingChicken2GO
  • Rib2GO
  • XXL strips 2GO
Furthermore, there are holes in all components to enable the Mangal2GO to hold together with a key ring when not in use. They can be hung on your grill with a hook. The holes can also be used as a holder for the probe of your barbecue thermometer. You can open your beer with the integrated bottle opener in the side panels. Insert the side parts of your Mangal2GO simply into each other. You get an attachment for your fire starter on which you can place pans and pots and cook other delicacies here.