About ZIFA Grills

Barbecueing with passion

The blaze of embers, the rising smell of aromatic meat, a cool beer in the great outdoors. For us, grilling is more than just enjoying good food and drinks. Rather, it is an attitude to life. As a young company from the Sauerland at the beautiful Biggesee we have made our passion to our profession: For years we have been enthusiastic about barbecueing. We combine our hobby mainly with camping and traveling. Very quickly we noticed an essential problem: Conventional mobile gas grills have hardly any accessories and are only very simply equipped. This was the starting signal for ZIFA Grills.

An idea becomes a product

At the beginning of 2015, we started to pimp and optimize our grills with our own accessories. Our main professions as a model maker and designer helped us the most. The first grill accessories we developed were a burner cover (Flavor Bar) and various grill grates for the Weber Go-Anywhere. Thanks to our professional experience and personal passion, we were able to create products that were not only of high quality, but also delighted numerous barbecue fans. After posting on various platforms, we quickly received countless inquiries. Mostly with one question: whether we could imagine bringing our accessories to market as a small series. With this tailwind, we then set about developing our accessories.

Sustainable products for real barbecue fans

After a short time more and more ideas came up to equip different brand grills with accessories of highest quality. From the very beginning, it was important to us to focus on sustainable and durable products. After all, grill accessories are exposed to high temperatures and many stubborn substances such as grease. Therefore, more than 90 percent of our accessories are made of high-quality V2A stainless steel. In addition, our production takes place in Germany without exception.

Inspiration from our customers as the key

From the very beginning, close communication with our customers has been very important to us. After all, it was they who motivated us to found our company. Therefore, we are still grateful when we receive ideas and suggestions from the barbecue community.

The positive feedback from our customers and our ambition to bring the highest quality barbecue accessories to the market, drives us daily to continue to pursue our passion and give our best.

Your ZIFA Grills Team