Stainless Steel Grill Plate for the 57 Weber Kettle

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Very massive fire plate / plancha made of 6mm thick, stainless, V2A stainless steel.

This plate was made to fit the 57 Weber kettle grill and is simply inserted into the grill instead of the conventional grill grate. A quarter of the grill plate serves as a grill grate, so that you can grill on plate and grate at the same time.

The plate offers you the following possibilities, compared to a conventional grill grate:

  • Fried eggs
  • Vegetables / vegetable strips
  • Bacon
  • Pancakes
  • and much more.


  • Easier maintenance compared to traditional steel / cast iron plates.
  • No patina layer necessary
  • Due to the integrated grill grate, hot / direct grilling is also possible

Plate Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: ZIFA Grills GbR
  • Suitable for: 57 kettle grills
  • Material: V2A stainless steel (rustproof)
  • Material thickness: 6mm
  • Diameter: 546mm