Adjustable Universal Skewer Holder

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Adjustable Universal Skewer Holder / Shish Kebab Holder.

The V2A stainless steel shish kebab holder was designed to fit all common brand grills (gas, coal version). Prerequisite is a grill surface of at least 420mm x 420mm.

The integrated guide makes it possible to extend the shish kebab holder from 400mm to 650mm and thus increase the number of grill skewers from min. 7 pieces to max. 12 pieces.

To be able to keep the heat in the grill, tabs have been placed in the upper area so that you can close the lid. However, there is still enough space to turn the skewers without any problems.

Furthermore, we have turned our attention to the kettle grills. The shish kebab holder has a centering for the 57 versions. This ensures that the shish kebab holder is exactly centered and securely seated on the kettle grill. Also here it is possible to close the lid positioned and still turn the skewers.

Scope of delivery:

1x Universal Skewer Holder